Transform your patient’s medical experience into a wonderful surprise - with great interior design.

Bad interior design will leave your clinic feeling discomforting for your patients to enter. Break away from the typical clinic experience into an environment that fosters your patients to trust you. Transform your clinic’s interior design to suit your design style, service and professionalism.
Ultranovate is a full-service interior design company with more than 10 years of experience. No matter where you are in Malaysia, we will help you design your clinic to provide the best care for your patients.


Patients dread going to the clinic

Cramped spaces, cold registration desks and worrying waiting seats - all reasons why people hate going to hospitals and clinics. Stand out from your competitors by creating a space that makes your patients eager to see you again.

It’s more simple than you think

Let us know what you need
We want to know more about your dream clinic, set your budget and how we can best reach you.
Get paired with our expert
Our award-winning interior designers will reach out to you to learn more on how we can best visualise your dream.
Start your dream project
Once we have your vision in mind, we will start designing for you 24/7 until you get the design in mind.

Real customer stories

Our designs are patient friendly

We understand that running a specialised clinic isn’t easy. That’s why we want to use our 15 years of experience to ensure that your clinic gives your patients the best experience so you can focus on what you do best.

Budget friendly design

The biggest problem with designing interior spaces is that the project tends to go overbudget. And it’s not your fault! Many designers aren’t able to provide you with the right strategies to help manage the project expectation.

Identity Based Design

Your ideas and your interior design style is unique. Our focus is to help ensure your dream clinic is designed according to how you want it and sets you apart from all your other competitors.

Why Ultranovate?

Free Consultation

We offer free consultation to better understand your design identity, and help you to visualise your dream clinic.

Tailored Design

We ensure that our designs are tailored to suit your DNA and branding.

15 Years of Experience

We will use our vast experience and knowledge to help build your dream clinic.

Our Affiliation


Let’s work together to start building your dream clinic today!

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