We design businesses and homes to create better branding and identity legacy solutions.

Ultranovate is a multi-award-winning designer and innovator in various fields, including interior design, architecture, furniture design, product design, branding, graphic design, and the arts.


Clients we are proud to serve

We appreciate your concern regarding the realization of your dream project.

1.Stuck with project idea

Ideas are essential for successful architecture and design projects. A poor idea can jeopardize your project’s outcome. Developing ideas requires a thoughtful process

2.Outdated designs

Your projects are too common. You don’t want to appear the same as your business competitors or your neighbors at home.

3.Over budget

It’s easy to start losing track of where all the money goes. And it’s not your fault! Many designers aren’t able to provide you with the tools and strategies to help manage the project expectation.

We do things differently. We aim to design your businesses and homes according to your identity.

Project expectations

We will assist you in identifying project hiccups by providing value, planning, and tailored suggestions to deliver optimal solutions through specific ideas and strategic planning.

Identity-Based Design

We appreciate your ideas and preferences when it comes to creating your ideal home and office. Our award-winning in-house designers are committed to bringing your dream ideas to life, while also adhering to your design requests.

Strategic Planning

We will make sure that we identify the core problems of your project so that you don’t have to waste time, money or resources on things that don’t matter to you.

We use our expertise to solve your design problems – giving you more time to focus on your business and building memories in your ideal home.


What do we do?

Our services derived from 20 years of experience dedicated to help you work productively for your business and live comfortably at your home.

Design & Identity Services

Perfect for businesses and entrepreneurs looking to take their branding to the next level.

Designed for home owners wanting their perfect house.

Elevate your design

Fabricate & Construct

We will manage, build, supervise and coordinate the entire project so you don’t have to worry about finding contractors.

Elevate your design

Furniture & Art Design Lifestyle Product

We will provide you the in-house customised furniture and others unique design lifestyle product.

Elevate your design

3 simple steps to help us serve you

Complete our form

We use this to be able to help us understand you and your dream project better.

Strategy Session

We’ll contact you within 1 business day to start discussing the scope of the project.

Begin Project

We’ll start working on your dream project! You can leave all the planning and stress to us!


Why Chose Ultranovate?

We have vast years of experience in this industry helping business owners and homeowners just like you. Ultranovate’s core belief is built on being true to one’s identity and DNA. We apply this principle into our designs and use our experience – which has helped us win over 10 internationally recognised awards – into bringing projects that are sustainable, eco-friendly and inspire our clients.

Clients that motivate our work


*The Ultra-Guarantee

We avoid templates for your business and home branding. We believe that it’s your right to get only the best designs, the way you envision it.

We will design until you are 100% satisfied.

We offer reasonable market prices so you can comfortably work & live in your dream business and home.


The stories that really motivate us

Alhamdulillah…Dulu kalau di pejabat lama, orang nak datang office pun kami malu-malu sebab office tak seberapa.

Jadi apabila kami mempunyai ruang pejabat yang lebih selesa, bila orang datang kami dah tak malu. Jadi bila orang buka sahaja pintu, pertama yang mereka katakan, “WOW, cantiknya pejabat ni!”.

Walaupun ruang pejabat ni biasa-biasa sahaja tapi bila mereka masuk mereka boleh rasa Vibration, energy dan aura dalam pejabat, hasil sentuhan ULTRANOVATE.

OCOC - Brain Story Sdn Bhd

Verified Client


Beliau telah banyak membantu ramai orang untuk berjaya. Bila saya datang di office ULTRANOVATE, saya dapati sebuah syarikat yang bersungguh-sungguh nak bantu client mereka dan saya berpuas hati dengan service yang mereka berikan.

Service yang dibuat ini adalah menepati perancangan untuk melahirkan usahawan yang berjaya mengikut format yang diberikan oleh syarikat ULTRANOVATE.

Dato' Mus

Verified Client



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The private resident felt extremely unmotivated in their current renovated house that they’re living in. They were unsure about the style that they want for their house.

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366 Halal Premium Outlet were looking into building a brand plan and ideation that spoke directly to their targeted audience and made them stand out from their competitors.

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