12 Private Residence Negeri Sembilan


The private resident felt extremely unmotivated in their current renovated house that they’re living in. They were unsure about the style that they want for their house. On top of that, their existing space within the living area, kitchen area were very tight and compact and they needed to relocate their bathrooms.

Services Provided

DuologyHome, KretologyHome

We provide them ideas and plans to transform their house based on Dubai Modernism inspiration but in a tropical environmental mood into something more family friendly.

We remodel the facade, exterior courtyard, living, dining and newly custom built-in furniture for space saving purposes. The spaces become more lively in the living area, flexibility within natural daylighting at the same time enjoying state-of the art breakfast top setting.


This led to the growth of their brand and product.

From 0-100% new brand, ready for business to take-off with fresh outlook in premium Mini Market

From 0-100% completion new set-up value, business ready to take-off with fresh outlook.

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