We Ultralized Space, We Vibrant Your Lifestyle

Who we are

Ultranovate was started by serial award winning Designer-Artist-Technopreneur; Dr. Zi in a micro-nomad studio set-up. His earlier childhood kampung living in Perak; deform and define his understanding towards art, vernacular, architecture, landscape, socio-economy and creations are more meaningful for people happiness.

In Ultranovate we celebrate a multi-talented disciplinary expert team; Designers, Thinkers, Builders, Carpenters, Artist, Fabricator, ITs, Technologists, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Architects, Industrial, Makers, Engineers & Inventors.

Today, Ultranovate has grown as a unique Design Studio-Lab aiming to be the best of its kind in Asia.

What we do

We work hard creatively each day to ensure that our customers and partners live happily or make money in their business. By helping our customers to become most soulful, beautiful & branded design identity of their Interior, Architecture, Business or Project:

For Business Owners

We define your brand, we go deeper to bring the gap between your business and customer. We provide our expertise community with incredible and affordable project solutions for every stage of your entrepreneurial journey to grow big and uniquely outstanding.

For Home Owners

We are committed to ensure you will get the best unique design idea and stylish product with the most reasonable stake; so you will be living happily at home with the loved one!

Why We Do What We Do

Solid confession: Design is our food! We enjoy doing it differently but reasonably cool & hype!

As an ‘Ultra-Men’, we believe we could save many people to live better, stand out, and be bold vibrantly; at the same time accomplish what your dreams are.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Z

The Crazy Guy

Founder/Chief Designer


The Ruler

Business Admin / PR


The Leonin

Space Designer



Junior Designer


The Neurobics

Multimedia Content Creator


The Neurobics

Digital Marketing


The Ong

Architecture Designer


The Wonder

Interior Designer


The Malees

Interior Designer


The Elite

Multimedia Content


Junior Interior Designer

Our Values

We the Others. Ultranovate is a multi award-winning designer, product, innovation and creativity. All in ONE. Ultranovate business covers from:


Branding Strategy




Awards & International Recognition

In the 15 years of its existence, Dr. Zi renowned Designer-Artist-Inventor and his Ultra Team, has become passionate rethinking differently the way you live, love, work and play in vibrant lifestyle.



    Miami, USA (AziminTazilan), Miami Modest Art Week


    Inovasi Negara

    Top 10 finalist for National Innovation Award (Inovasi Negara 2008), PWTC: by MOSTI



    PWTC for Back Contact Solar Shading Design-Invention Screen