366 Halal Premium Outlet

336 Halal premium outlet is a new upcoming convenience store aiming to sell halal products in a local mart. They aim to expand halal Islamic food.


366 Halal Premium Outlet were looking into building a brand plan and ideation that spoke directly to their targeted audience and made them stand out from their competitors.

Services Provided

DuologyBiz, KretologyBiz

We prepared their branding plan and provided them with an ultra Visual Representation of what their upcoming store would look like. This led to the growth of their brand and product.

We design, fabricate and customize their shelving unit and furniture. We also provided them with a unique art wall by our in-house artist and designer.


This led to the growth of their brand and product.

From 0-100% new brand, ready for business to take-off with a fresh outlook in premium Mini Market

From 0-100% completion new set-up value, business ready to take-off with a fresh outlook.

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