Kater Panas

Kater Panas provides catering service that promises Malaysians’ favorite delicacies & guaranteed to be served warm so guests will always be satisfied with the food served.


Kater Panas were struggling to find brand design and strategies to help elevate their business and speak true to their customers. They also lack a business direction that could really help them achieve their business goals.

Services Provided

IdeaLogy, DuologyBiz & Kretology Business

We prepared their branding plan and provided them with an ultra Visual Representation of what ideas for their names, brand direction and also upcoming store ideas.

We created a custom lorry / warmer oven specifically for their brand.


This led to the growth of their brand and product.

From 0-100% completion new set-up product, ready for business to take-off with fresh outlook. The business is ready and good to be co-invested upscale by other parties.

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